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CNC Turning Simulation System

CNC Turning Simulation System

Improve the efficiency, reduce trial run time and material burden through turning simulation. And it can be done in the office instead of the floor.


3D Simulation & Debugging

Full command set in cutting and composite cycle, plus code debugging function.  It helps to prevent mistakes.  

Precise Cutting time

Preview and fine tune the cutting path in PC, then predict the cutting time.  The cutting capacity can be calculated with the prediction result

Intelligent Debugging

Cutting simulation and debugging run simultaneously, reminder pops upReminder example:
Tool offset reminder (Reduces 90% of tool collusion)
M03 M04 spindle control missing reminder
Feed rate F missing reminder
Spindle speed missing reminder

CNC Turning 3D Cutting Simulation

During the cutting simulation, user can zoom in and out to see the work piece and cutting path to review the entire cutting process.  User can even take measurement of the work piece after cutting.

Product Feature

Support various of NC controller such as Fanuc-0T, 6T, 10T, 15T, 18T, 21T,Okuma-5000L, 7000L,Mitsubishi-L3, 320L, 520AL, etc.

Machine like icon, Single Block, Pause, Absolute X Z Coordinate and Work Shift
Cutting path shows in different color for each tool, dotted line for the movement and solid line for cutting
Full feature in G01 with Chamfer C, Corner R and Angle A 
Circular move G02 G03 with I, J, K & R values
Complete turning simple cycle features include G90 G92 G94
G71 G72 multiple repetitive cycle , wrong direction reminder in finish cutting
G71 G72 G73 G74 G75 G76 turning multiple repetitive cycle, command and parameter error reminder
Support G80 G83 G84 G85 Z axis drilling function
M98 subprogram call, M99 subprogram end different block number can be specified by a P address

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