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CNC Milling Training with 5 Axis Simulator  ( Siemens 840 D - 5 axis )

With Siemens 840D 5A (TATC) - 5 axis  Control Unit;

Actual operation, guide students to learn from operating,

Applicable for beginners, no burden, easy to learn, high efficiency

All operation process is displayed by 3D display with accurate and exquisite interface

Humane design of its interface to focus on training for solving problems and ability of solving different situations,

Operator will be equipped with practical operational ability before going on to the real machine.

5 eksen SiemensYazi2_en.png

CNC Training Machine Dimension Specification


NC machine shell model 2mm thick panel-beating & painting,


Dimension: L 1200 mm x W 630 mm x H 1720mm                    Net Weight: 210 kg

Machines are easily installed and easily moved with contact rol lers in the classroom. (rollers +80mm)

5 axis Siemens G3.jpg
5 axis Siemens G4.jpg
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