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Our CNC Training System consists of 5 steps. Our products are also geared towards these steps. The first 3 steps (Ladder 1-2-3) are our software used on the computer. The 4th step (Ladder 4) is our physical Simulator Devices.

L1- NC Editor (All Control Units)

L2- VM Virtual Workbench (according to Control Unit)

L3- FrankCAM (Turning and Milling CAM)

L4- Our Physical Devices (Training Bench)

You can buy the following products individually, or as a SET (L1-2-3) that includes all our products for training, ie. for the Fanuc control unit. Please pay attention to our Product Codes when choosing a Product or Set.

L1-2-3 is Our Prices 1 (one) year RENTAL,
L4 is Our prices are PROPERTY PURCHASE prices.
Our prices are special for Educational Institutions, Staff and Students.
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* You have to use Sales Agrement only for L4 Equipments.

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