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Code Library

Code library is a place to keep the frequent used code.  User can store the code into the library and copy the code to other cutting program.  The programming time can be reduced significantly.

CNC Code Editor and Files Management Systems

File manager and code editor built under the same interface which enhances the effectiveness of code reading and searching.  There are also a realtime debug function, it reduces tool collusion due to coding mistakes 

A Powerful Tool

NC Editor is designed for machinery industry, it can create new code program, modify, delete, copy, move and paste the code.  The collocation with DNC tool broken restart function and CAD / CAM makes the DNC even more powerful, and it can define the restarting point anywhere in the code.  Code transmission and cutting can run simultaneously, it also processes M98 and M99.

Tools and Process Information

User can define the tools and process information at the remark area, such as drawing no., program no. and important notes.  The information in remark area can be the keyword in searching function.

Smart NC Code Debugging

At least 95% of code mistake can be detected by Real time code debugging.
e.g. A reminder pops up when decimal point missed in X, Y or Z axis
NC Editor also supports Marco Command, #18=SIN[#23], IF...GOTO n, WHILE...DO n

Work Piece Management

The file manager categorizes the file neat and tidy, such as product type or customer.  It displays the files with different order filter by dates, code number, drawing number, etc. 

Visualized Color Distinguish Coding

User has a clear vision by visualized color distinguish coding and it can segregates the codes and assign display location by itself.

Access the Code from the CNC Machine

NC Editor is able to transmit the code at the background.  The CNC machine can browse the file in NC Editor and manages code transmission, file categorization, file selection.  No need to run back and forth between the machine and the computer. 

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