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Multi DNC

Program Transmission Scheduling

Multi DNC can setup the cutting programs in multiple machines, define the number of transmission for a single cutting program and make advance planning for cutting program transmission Multi I/O NC CodingHigh speed transmission at 57600 BPS Simultaneous

Multi I/O NC Coding

Expandable communication port, max 256 ports
Unique setting in each communication port is available

Various choices in transmission mode: Manual, simultaneous transmission & cutting and remote transmission

1 PC Controls Multiple CNC Machine

1 PC can handle multiple CNC machine simultaneously, it allows CNC machine to access the NC code in the PC and it shows the transmission status and the activity status as well    

Wireless Transmission and Data Management

Wireless setup is simple, CAD / CAM engineer works on the NC code and simulation in his computer then transmits the NC code to the CNC machine.  It also supports multi users joint code writing.

The working radius of wireless transmitter is 100m.  In order to expand the network coverage, the wireless transmitter can bridge with others.  All the CAD / CAM computers locate in data center, it prevents data loss and enhance data security

DNC Calls the Cutting Program in Realtime

All the cutting program store in the CAD / CAM computer, and the CNC mahcine calls the program through DNC in realtime.

It resolves the memory space limitation in CNC machine and simultaneous transmission & cutting mode is always being used in this situation.

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