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CNC Geometry Master for Turning

CNC Geometry Master for Turning

Spend a lots of time to make a arc or taper?
Geometry Master can improve the process and quality for you

Auto Transform CNC Code

First, Follow the icon to select external tool, internal tool or face tool, then input the tool nose radius follow by the groove tool width.  Second, define the cutting direction by different icon, then the Geometry Master will generate the code by itself.

Various Choices of Sharp

It is not necessary to memorize all the coding, because all commands are in graphical display and it also no need to draw the graphics.  The graphics set includes: taper, double taper, arc groove, v groove, face groove, thread, taper thread, trigonometric functions, etc.

Fill in the Blanks

Once the preset graphic is pick up, the Geometry Master guides the user to input the dimension just like fill in the blanks.  User needs to input the known dimension and let Geometry Master to calculate the unknown dimension

Ultimate CNC Geometry Calculator

With using Geometry Master, you do not need to worry about trigonometric functions, intersections, tolerance in tool arc, because you have the best CNC master with you already.

Productivity Improvement

Geometry Master is designed for machinery industry, and it is the best assistant to CNC engineers

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