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FrankCAM - Milling

FrankCAM - Milling

User-friendly, easy learn and easy use CAD/CAM

Useful      Considerate tool designed for CNC milling
Powerful  Full of experience, intelligence and innovation
Simple     Graphic interface makes it easy to operate

Innovation 1 Design for Everyone, even without CAD experience

Easy for every CNC programmer to use.
CNC codes generated without drawing.
Just key in the coordinate & parameter

Innovation 2 Straight Forward Graphical Interface

Drilling setting includes RPM, Feed, Peck, Retract

Cutting by layer is defined in Advance Setting, it avoids tool broken due to over speed

Innovation 3 Immediately Result through Solid Simulation, Supports Various Controller

Cutting Simulation right after Drawing is Done

FrankCAM Milling Process Guide

Follow process button, operation is so easy.

CAD Function


CAM Function

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