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CNC Milling Training Simulator ( Fanuc-0i-MF )

Milling G1.jpg

With Fanuc-0i-MF Control Unit;

Focus on solving problems and ability different situations

Operator will be equipped with practical operational ability before going on to the real machine

With the newest techniques;

  • High learning efficiency, low cost burden

  • Actual operation, guide students to learn from operating

  • Learning right from wrong, all errors are valuable experience

CNC Freze G2.jpg

CNC Training Machine Dimension Specification


2 mm thick panel-beating & painting

Dimension: L 1,200mm x W 630mm x H 1,770mm                    Net Weight: 210kg

Machines are easily installed and easily moved with contact rol lers in the classroom. (rollers +80mm)

Milling G3.jpg
Milling G4.jpg
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