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About Balıkesir CNC Makine ve Dıs Tic.Ltd.Sti.

Who is it addressed to?

Those who want to learn CNC Lathe and/or CNC Milling Programming and students,

Teachers who want to follow current technologies in CNC Programming,

Business personnel using CNC Machine.

Seminar Venue

It varies according to the seminar date.

Seminar Topic

Introduction of Taiwan origin RenAn Soft CNC Training System

Using our software for CNC Turning and CNC Milling Programming.

Seminar Duration

Our Training Seminar lasts 2 (two) days. 

Turning on the first day, Milling on the second day Programming techniques are covered.

Are There Prerequisites?

Knowing Universal Machine Tools technologies and how to use them will be an advantage.

Machining with Turning and Milling should be known.

Presenter of the Seminar

Prof. Ümit YALÇIN

Balikesir CNC Machinery and Foreign Tic.Ltd.

System Development Consultant


Step 1 (L1) NC EDITOR (Manual Programming)
CNC Basics and Manual Programming

1.1. Numerical Control Fundamentals

1.2. Zero Point Selection and Coordinates in Milling

1.3. Program Structure and NC Programming

1.4. Material Settings and Cutting

1.5. NC Code Continuity and Simplifications

1.6. Cycles - Roughing (G71)

1.7. Cycles - Threading (G76-G92-G32)

CNC Control Unit Operations and Tool Settings

2.1. Virtual Machine for Turning and Milling (Fanuc Oi-TF) (Fanuc Oi-MF)

2.2. Material and Hand Cutting

2.3. Program Content and Arrangements

2.4. Tool Compensation and Coordinate Systems

2.5. Auto Run and Cut Test

2.6. Program Import and Export, Team Upload

2.7. Team Compensation and Auxiliary Functions (OPRT)

2.8. Auto Run and Cut Test

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

3.1. CAD/CAM & Automatic Programming (FrankCAM Lathe)

3.2. Workpiece Drawing and CAD

3.3. Tool Settings and Machining Settings

3.4. Face Turning and Settings

3.5. Workpiece Drawing and CAD

3.6. B-Side Cutting and Mirroring

3.7. Contour Selection and Machining

3.8. Fine Machining and Channel Machining

3.9. Drawing Export and Conversion

3.10. Processing

CNC Integrated Feasibility Check

4.1. Manual Workspace and Sensation of Speed

4.2. Program Transfer and Team Compensation

4.3. Cutting Tests and Procedures 1

4.4. Cutting Tests and Procedures 2

4.5. Standard Operations and Group Score

4.6. CNC Operation Control

4.7. General Problems and Troubleshooting

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